We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about GPF Worldwide.

Dina Campbell

Want to sell your house and need someone trustworthy and reliable to manage your sale? Take the hard work and stress out of the equation and put your faith in my friends at GPF.

After 21 years, I was in danger of losing my home to a sheriff’s sale. I prayed every day for divine intervention. God sent an angel to my side to get me through the scariest moment of my life…his name is Anthony Martin.

Anthony and his family were relatively new to Pittsburgh when we met and I feel very blessed that he happened along. He and his wife, Rachel, personify goodness and love and will restore your faith in mankind. Sometimes the kindness of strangers sneaks up on you but in my case, I knew that when it did, they were the answer to my prayers.

So if you are in a jam and you think all hope is lost, call GPF. Anthony and Rachel will work hard to make your transition as pleasant and profitable as possible. They are not out to make a quick buck; they work hard to make sure that you are taken care of. I was two weeks away from losing everything and they made sure I was able to keep my possessions and get a little money in my pocket to help me move.

In a world where it seems everyone turns a blind eye to the adversities of others, Anthony and Rachel prove that goodness and kindness are still alive and well. They are the real deal. God blessed me when he sent them to me. Let Him bless you as well. Give them a call.

– Dina Campbell

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